Polystorm and Permavoid Geocellular Systems

The Polystorm geocellular range is designed to provide surface water retention, attenuation or infiltration at a variety of depths and is comprised of five modular cells and two access options for both horizontal and vertical inspection. The range is suitable for shallow non-sub-base to deep applications, with Polystorm Deep able to reach depths of up to 8.4m, as well as being sturdy enough to handle a wide spectrum of loadings from pedestrianised areas to large HGV parks.

Permavoid offers a solution for shallower applications, as the geocellular sub-base replacement system has been specifically designed and tested to provide stormwater treatment and management at the shallowest of depths. Minimising the need for excavation; it is ideal for problematic sites such as those with a high water table or contaminated soils.

The deep and shallow options create an even wider choice for the management of surface water.

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