A Rank Above the Rest: Lafarge General Purpose Cement

Available in 25kg bags from Aggregate Industries, Lafarge General Purpose Cement is undoubtedly ranked as one of the market’s leading packed cement ranges. 

The range includes two products – General Purpose and General Purpose+, both with 32,5R. 

While both are suitable for a range of applications, including general purpose concrete, mortars, renders and screeds, General Purpose+ is ideal for use at lower temperatures or when the required compressive strength of concrete at 28 days must exceed 30N/mm2

On jobs where a high initial strength is not required, General Purpose cement is the ideal choice. 

To make customers’ lives easier, General Purpose comes in a standard paper bag while General Purpose+ benefits from a weather resistant bag design, which not only helps extend the shelf life of the cement, keeping it fresher for longer, but also means it can be stored outside, whatever the weather. 

What’s more, the weather resistant packaging offers greater strength, so that it’s less likely to tear. Essentially, this provides builders with added flexibility of storage on site, allowing for larger orders to be made less frequently – reducing material wastage, which will crucially lead to significant cost-savings and increased profitability of a project

Both products feature the distinctive Lafarge Cement branding so it’s easy for customers to identify the products when visiting the merchant yards.

To ensure the quality and consistency of the mix is guaranteed every time,

General Purpose and General Purpose+ are carefully blended and packed in 25kg ready-to-use bags.

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